Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hurdle #1: Delivery

  There is a plan.
And there isn't a plan.
I wish there was a P.L.A.N.
But there isn't.

The first goal is for my pregnancy to go to 39 weeks. (Babies with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome born before 39 weeks have more complications. We do not need those.) However, I haven't made it that far in a pregnancy yet.
I will have an induction scheduled if I make it that long for the University of Utah hospital.

This is so Leo can go directly to Primary Children's within an hour of his birth.
In fact, they have a special labor and delivery room that has a window in the wall that goes directly into UofU's NICU.  They will check him over and maybe I will get to hold him before they transfer him across the sky bridge to PCMC.

My biggest first worry is making sure I deliver at UofU.  All my babies have been born between 37-38 weeks.  They have also all been fast 6 hours, 5 hours, 3 hours.

As I get closer, the lovely doctors will decide when I need to plan on staying in SLC so that I don't give birth in Logan (2nd choice) or having to stop in Ogden (not a choice) or on the road to SLC (also not an option).

Unfortunately this will all probably be happening when the girls are starting school.  I really hate this.  I want to be here for their first day.  They want me to be here too.  I think the only way that would happen is if I do not dilate early.  This is doubtful.

First hurdle: Get to 39 weeks.


  1. love the name Leo! Fun to see you today wish we could have talked. I hope all works out well and you get to stay in logan and then be induced. We will be waiting to hear more.

  2. I hope my house is still in the plans for SLC. You are welcome there as long as you want! You and the whole family! It will be fun, and we will keep you on the sofa with your feet up eating bon bons so that we can make it to 39 weeks. Come as soon as you need and stay as long as you want! Our prayers are with you and Leo (and the entire family of course)!!!

  3. Bronwen was just reading this post and asked if the first four lines was a song. Maybe she was thinking of Aretha Franklin's "Respect," with the P.L.A.N.