Saturday, September 1, 2012

Moving Right Along

Leo is doing very well since the surgery.  The surgeon closed his chest on Thursday.  This is considered surgery, but they don't want him traveling through the hospital with an open chest so they all come to his room, the surgeon, anesthesiologist, and the rest of the surgical team.  It took about an hour and a half.

His little body responded really well to the added pressure which sometimes can cause a lot of problems. This was a major milestone and he has continued to move right along.  He has been able to get quite a few things taken away.  All the drain tubes that drain excess fluid from the surgery are gone.  A lot of the swelling is gone.  A big step was removing his ventilator today so he is breathing on his own.  He just has a little oxygen tube for his nose now.  He also got a feeding tube put in, so he is getting milk for the first time.  They give him tiny amounts verrrrry slowly.  Like 1 teaspoon a day.

He still has little pacer wires coming out of his chest that are hooked to his heart in case it stops, they can hook up a pacemaker.  They should come out in the next day or two and then we can hold him again!!!  Much sooner than we thought.  I can hardly wait!!

His eyes are big and bright again and he looks all around from his little stationary spot. All the nurses and doctors (there are A LOT) come by and say how alert he is and how good he looks.  They can tell me all day!

Speaking of the is a full time job to take care of these little babies.  Leo has his own nurse that sits in his room and monitors all the medicines and monitors.  They are amazing and we have had some really great ones that we love!

We definitely know that Leo is being blessed and prayers are being answered! So many things can go very wrong, very fast!  We continue to pray as hard as we can that things continue to go well.

I will try to get some pictures posted next time.   He looks much much better.


  1. We are beyond ecstatic! I wish I could give you a hug right now! Leo is such a blessing, I can't wait to meet this little man. He has already stole my heart!

  2. That is such great news, Amanda! I think about you constantly and the kids and I sure think Leo is adorable. Love you and miss you!!

  3. Good good good. I'm so glad things continue to go well. Leo is such a trooper, and you are amazing. I drink these updates in, thanks for taking the time to post. Love you. Miss you.

  4. I love reading these updates. Leo is a handsome little boy. He is also a strong little boy. Lots of prayers headed your way.

  5. Thanks for sharing the start of your little ones life. They announced that leo is doing well in church and many ward members fasted for your family and leo. Hope things keep looking up. I'm so excited about the good news.

  6. I'm loving this post. Hope things keep going well!!