Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Leo has had a bit of a set back.  He was struggling with his breathing some and his chest X-ray showed he his left lung was collapsed and the top part of his right lung.

They took off his regular oxygen tube for a high flow oxygen.  That didn't work, so they put him on CPAP.  This is an even higher flow of oxygen to try and force his lungs open.   His left lung has improved, but the upper right hasn't.

If if still hasn't improved by the end of the day, they may put him back on the ventilator. This is a last resort. The don't want him on the ventilator any more than absolutely necessary.  The more they are on it, the harder it is to get them off for little babies with Hypoplastic Left Heart.  They start to rely on it because it's easier.

The nurse today is trying to change his position every few hours to see if that helps to open his lungs up and to help loosen the secretions he has in his lungs.

Being on CPAP means he gets to wear this cute little had that keeps his oxygen tubes in place.  Between the hat, the big tubes and his binky I can barely see his face.

He doesn't particularly like his new breathing arrangement. It makes him very grouchy, but he seems to be tolerating it better today and has slept a lot.

They are doing the next X-ray as I type this. Fingers crossed that they see a big I improvement.  I'm choosing to be optimistic that this is only a minor setback and we will be moving right along again soon.


  1. "I'm choosing to be optimistic..." This epitomizes you, my friend. I am yet again in awe of you and your strength.

  2. Way to keep chugging along. I am going to be optimistic with you! Hugs!!